Monday, 21 March 2011

What are the factors to be considered when buying a digital scale

Scales are very important for measurement of any object. Earlier the balance or a scale with a spring action was used. In the scale with a spring action the reading has to be put to zero and then the reading has to be taken. All these are a thing of the past. The digital scale is now widely used in homes, stores and factories for weighing objects. There are many types of scales such as the floor scales, platform scales, bench scales, counting scales and bagging scales which all come with digital features.

The digital scale is a scale that is connected to an AC power adaptor. It has a liquid crystal display, displaying the measurement taken. It has weighing trays, digital auto calibration, digital user calibration, last weight memory, low battery indicator and auto shut off. Some digital scales also have extra features such as electronic voice, paper print out and body measurements, which are very useful in fitness clinics and for people who are into dieting and reducing weight.

The digital scale is very useful in the kitchen. It is used to measure quantities of food and liquids. The bench scale and the counting scale which are digital, can be used for these purposes.

1. So, accuracy is an important factor. It should be accurate to 0.1 gram.

2. The scale should read clearly and should be located in a place on the scale so that it will be easy to see, without moving or bending in an awkward manner.

3. It should be able to handle the weight of the thing to be weighed. You should decide whether you want to weigh large or small quantities. With large quantities the scale should have a varied range. With small quantities the reading should be precise so that the recipe turns out correctly.

4. It should have units that you are familiar with. Otherwise, it should have a number of different units. If this is not the case, time will have to be spent converting measurements given in grams to ounces and visa versa.

5. The digital scale should be able to tare or zero the reading. With this feature, you can measure different ingredients using the same container. You can weigh 5 grams of salt, tare it and the reading shows zero. Then add 3.5 grams of pepper. You do not have to remember the measurement in the recipe. The reading on the scale will show 8.5 grams.

It is necessary for the bathroom scale also to be digital. The most used types are the platform scale and the rail scale. The platform scale has a platform attached to the base floor scale and you can read the measurement on it. The floor sale rests on the floor and you can stand on it and check your weight.

1. It should be accurate – especially for people who are interested in dieting and weight reduction.

2. The numbers should be located in such a manner that you should be able to see while standing on the scale.

3. It should be durable and able to withstand the weight of people.

People buying a digital scale you should also inquire about the price of the scale. You can check out various shops and also the internet for getting the best buy. It should be durable and functional. Factories, shops, post offices and many other places use different types of digital scales. The main thing to remember is that it should be functioning properly for the purpose that it is bought.

Keeping these factors in mind you can go ahead and buy the type of digital scale most suited to your needs – whether you want it in the kitchen or the bathroom. 

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