Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Usage of Counting Scales

Counting Scales are used to count the items like pennies,quarters,dimes and nickels ,with the help of advanced technology. Now designed with some programming functions that are used to count currencies accurately. Counting Scales are produced in several types with different size, shapes and models to count the items. These types of Scales are designed with different size and capacities with advanced features to measure and count accurately and it comes reasonable prices to suit for all customers.
Counting Scales
Most counting scales have the facility to display each individual item weighs. The working principles of Counting scales are very simple and there is no special skill required to operate. It simply requires placing items on the scale followed by a key press and according to the weight it will calculate the items which are placed in the scale. And finally it displays over all weight in one display, and the second order display shows the piece weight finally the last display shows the overall counted items.

For highly recommended in bigger companies they need counting scales with Ethernet controller modules to counting the manufacturing unit systems for high configurations. These types of counting scales are used in high scale industries to count the major units. Also counting scales used to count cashes that produce high transactions in business fields Weighing Scales  and banks etc.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Introduction of new Counting Scales

The new introduction of counting scales in market is an accurate and robust, it’s operated with portable battery; the electronic counting scale has a stainless steel pan with sealed keypad and it stores up to 10 average part weights. The special features which includes in this scale are as auto-optimization which recalculates with accuracy of APW.
Counting Scales
 Another type of EC Series introduction Digital Counting Scale provides an internal counting resolution of 1:600,000 and comes to feature it has made with stainless steel pan with sealed keypad and a three-window backlight LCD that displays weight, APW, and count also providing 10 memory locations for common parts weights, this electronic counting scale has preset tare and dedicated tare and sample keys for fast operation.
Bench Scale

The scales measurements and ranging comes to handy portable pocket scales to industrial weighing solutions including counting and portioning scales, specifically the bench scales, floor scales, in-motion check weighers, on-board weighing systems, crane scales, floor scales, mixing and portioning scales, and sophisticated weighing systems for motor homes, trucks and railcars.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pallet Scale PTA464 for faster and safer weighing

The PTA464 pallet scale is a U-Shaped Scale that gives an outstanding return on your investment. This scale provides accurate, dependable weighing while standing up to constant using in tricky situations. This type of platform simplifies the work of loading pallets and containers onto the scale. Mainly in this scale operation no ramps or pits are required, so the scale costs less to install, saves floor space, and speeds up loading and weighing. If workers use a forklift truck, pallet jack, or powered walkie to load the scale, they won’t need to drive a ramp or across the scale platform. Removing the ramps reduces injuries and accidents. 

PTA464 Pallet Scale

Faster Weighing: It speeds up your weighing process by spending less time loading and unloading. By simply moving the pallet jack or other vehicle into the scale’s open area and lower the load onto the platform. In this scale no ramps are included to slow up the loading process.
Safer Operation: There is no requirement of ramps and pits included for this scale; this U-shaped scale makes your weighingprocess safer. Workers don’t need to strain to push up heavy loads. The easy loading process means less chance of injuries and accidents during this operation.

Greater Protection: To protect your saving by excluding the concentrated loading that can damage your scale. Because of the scale’s U-shaped design, there is no involvement need to drive forklift trucks, pallet jacks, or other wheeled vehicles across the platform.

Exceptional Versatility: Modify your scale to meet different types of weighing needs. Also the attachments are available to widen the platform or convert it into a standard floor scale. These options enable you to weigh different sizes and types of extra loads.