Thursday, 31 March 2011

How to Save in Industrial Bench Scale Rental Costs

Industries depend on bench scales for all their weighing needs. These bench scales are generally scales that which are kept on a bench and the object is placed on it for weighing. Such a scale has platform on which the object is placed and a weighing indicator shows the weight of the object. The platform is separated from the weighing indicator by a cord, about five feet in length.

They are used to weigh objects from six lbs. to two thousand lbs. They are generally made of stainless steel and are also available in wash down models for use in restaurants, food industry, markets, pharmaceutical industry etc. Industrial bench scales can be battery operated or electrically operated. They come with an adaptor, auto shut off, battery indicator etc.

They also have LED or LCD displays, push button and flexible print formats. Some bench scales also have lift off platforms so that there is direct access to all the parts to clean it properly.

The main purpose of the bench scale is to provide accurate measurement for a long time period. Not all the industries can afford to buy a bench scale, as it is costly. Some industries need bench scales only during a particular time of the year or a particular period. Some might need it only during taking inventory of the things or some other peak period. Since the cost of the industrial bench scale is high, the industries can think of renting the scale. Many companies which manufacture bench scales would be ready to rent out the scale to the industries whenever they need them. The scale might either be new ones or used scales that might be rented out. Since the scale is not going to be used all year round, the scale can be rented and used.

The cost of buying it would be saved, by renting the industrial bench scale. The maintenance and storage cost will also be saved. The space that has to be allotted for the bench scale can be utilized for other purposes.

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