Friday, 29 April 2011

User C Development Kit For Developers

Perryscale offers user C development kit for the users who are interested or who want to write the program on their own. User C development kit comes up with standard features and provides ample of benefits to the users who are using it. User c development kit maximizes the capacity and reduces the development time for the application developers. User c development kit allows the application writer to write and compile with routine works in programming language such as 'C'.

Execution speed and flexibility are more in user c development kit in processing applications. Some of the standard features of user c development kit are execution speed, extensive function library, quick result, security, flexibility and exact measurement. User c development kit is also considered as one of the weighing scales produced introduced in the market.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ticket-Tape-Label Printers

Printers the most demandable and required product among the world market. Printers become the necessary one and every one started using printers for their uses. Printers come up with wide opportunity and it can be used to create any kind of labels for the particular needs, based on weights, piece counts, part number, and description of part numbers, time, date and barcodes. Printers come up in different models, capacities, prices and sizes as per the requirements of the customer.

Epson Tm-590 Ticket Printer

TM-590 ticket printer provides high volume, high speed, and multi part with up to 88 columns in the width ticket printing. TM-590 model suits for applications like truck, rail, floor, bench scales and other general weighing uses. TM-590 model is impact resistant with slave capacity functionality and printing information.

Tm-295 Ticket Printer

Tm-295 model has the applications of general weighing uses like truck, rail, bench scale, when there is a need to print tickets. Tm-295 model is for medium to high volume, high speed and multi part ticket printing.

Tm-U200 Tape Printer

Tm-U200 tape printer includes applications like general weighing uses where you need to print weights without inserting scale ticket. Tm-U200 tape printer is designed to have high speed and with drop in paper set & auto paper loading.

LP-2824 Direct Thermal Label Printer

LP-2824 offers high speed to the users with 203 dpi per second, open access deign for loading labels and windows drivers. It has applications like bar codes, part number, and description on 2” label and with general weighing uses. LP-2824 is able to program to create custom labels for any kind of needs.

Lp-2844 Direct Thermal Label Printer

LP-2844 offers high speed, 203 dpi per second to users as similar to the LP-2824 model. Like LP-2824 model, LP-2844 has the same applications except with the description of 4” label. LP-2844 is able to program to create custom labels for any kind of needs.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Intro of Peripheral Scanners

Peripheral scanners which form part of the Peripheral scanners come up with wide applications and features to facilitate the users to come up with efficiency. Peripherals scanners are in different models, sizes, prices and capacities to satisfy the requirements of the users and business people. The models of peripheral scanners are GSE Barcode Scanners, GSE RF Communications, Ethernet Connections and GSE Remote Displays.

GSE Barcode Scanners

The GSE Barcode Scanners comes up with high performance, durability, ergonomic scanners. GSE Barcode Scanners helps to read the industry standard barcode symbologies. GSE barcode scanners are available in most popular brands and they are low cost, bi-directional reading, future proof scanners which maintain compatibility for future equipment.

GSE RF Communications

GSE RF Communications has applications like remote displays, computers, printers, barcode scanners, remote operator, data transmit and even more. GSE RF Communications provides private, long range, low power and low cost, advanced networking solutions. RF Communications system is the wireless technology with radio frequency communications.

Ethernet Connections

GSE Ethernet communications helps to communicate across an intranet or internet connections. Ethernet Connections integrates weight and process data into your network. It provides instant access to view and process data remotely.

GSE Remote Displays

GSE Remote Displays suits for all applications. GSE Remote Displays comes up with weather proof models, height character, powder coating and do on.

Models Of Bagging Scales

More number of weighing scales is innovated specifically to meet the demands of the people around the world. Using advancement of technologies, all kinds of weighing scales are designed and produced to satisfy the needs of the customer.

Bagging scales are also one of the weighing scale innovated to procure exact accuracy and measurement from the product. Bagging scales are designed specially for free flowing non-dusty and dusty products. Bagging scales are innovated in various models, designs, prices and sizes for the requirements of the customers around the world. Some of the models produced for users and business people are express scale GB series, JM - 600, 5 GV, CM – 780, IN process bulk scales are produced in different capacities and in different rates. The accuracy obtained from each bagging scales differs as per different models.

The bagging scales express scale GB series model is designed with the objective of free flowing non-dusty and dusty products. It includes options like clam, center grip or dust tight spouts, and belt and auger feeders with vibratory dribble feeders.

The model JM – 600 comes up with some of the unique features with options including various spouts, feeders, dribble features and with time relays to fit the needs of the customers.

The model 5 GV bagging scales are net weighing systems scales which pre-weight the product before discharging in to the container. The bagging scales provide normal speed and accuracy of 13 to 15 bags per minute.

CM – 780 is designed specially to meet wide applications and features like air operated double door weigh hoppers. It consist of air cylinder, valves and filter regulators lubricators. More number of models is designed in bagging scales to satisfy the needs and requirements of people around the world.

IN process bulk bagging scales are used to weigh products which move out of the plant. The IN process scales provides accurate and continuous weight of dry bulk material with low cost and low maintenance.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Accuracy Of Used Scales

Used scales are the other weighing scales produced by weighing scale manufacturers has per the demands of the customers. Used scales are also the other part of weighing scales innovated specially to meet the requirements of the customers and business people around the world. Used scales are innovated in different capacities, prices, models and sizes. Used scales are designed specifically to obtain accurate and appropriate measurement for the object placed. Used scales are produced in different capacities as per the requirements of the people and to obtain the measurement in different capacities and accuracy. With the availability of used scale weighing scales, the users and business people obtains accurate measurement.

Some of the used scales models are used floor scale with new indicator, used counting scale, Ohaus trooper. The used scales provide good conditions with counting scales. Used scales are the ideal weighing scales which suits for many applications and the prices offered for this scales are compact and economical. Used scales fetch good demand among the customers in the market for reasonable prices. Used scales are designed specially to meet the requirements of the customers, whether domestic or industrial one. Like other weighing scales, used scales also form part of the scales.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Platform Scale

Platform scales are the essential scales required to measure the weigh of the object kept in the platform. Platform scales also form part of the weighing scales. Platform scales are the weighing instruments consist of platform attached to an automatic system. Bench scales are also called as platform scales. Platform scales offer many weighing instrument or scales. Platform scales measure the weigh of large or heavy objects. These platform scales adjust weigh carefully and measure the object accurately. Platform scales have several features and offers wide service by measuring the weigh accurately.

Platform scales are designed specifically from top to bottom and provide a perfect measure. Platform scales are designed as per the requirements of the customers. These platform scales are offered in different sizes, capacities, styles and models. The customer can view the sizes and capacity of the different models of platform scales and select a scale as per your need. This platform weighing scale will meet the different weighing applications.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Truck Scales

Truck scale weighing scale is used to measure the weight when the object is loaded in to the truck. Truck scales are in many kinds with different capacity and length. Truck scales are designed to satisfy the needs of the customer. These instruments will measure the weight of the object in the finite manner. The truck scale is easier to install and maintain. Truck scales comes under different sizes and it can be used to measure the weight in single unit. Once the truck scale is installed, it is difficult to move around.

Monday, 18 April 2011


When digital scales are manufactured, it will be produced along with the indicators. Indicators are a device which helps to read the weight and operate the scale. Indicators comes under different types like GSE model 250, GSE model 320 – 55 series, GSE model 465 series and GSE model 665 series. The GSE model 250 is the economical digital indicator to measure basic material handling, shipping and general applications.

The GSE model 320 – 55 series has a check weighing application processing and it is process control indicator. This indicator is used in most types of the scales. The GSE model 465 series is the full feature programmable indicator use to operate the applications with flexibilities. The GSE model series controller is a true multi-tasking indicator. This model will monitor and display up to 8 independent scales and controls directly many automated weight based processes.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Digital Weight Indicators

Digital weight indicators are specially designed to weigh the object or for general counting applications. The digital weight indicator is the reliable weighing instrument. Digital weighting indicators are available in different sources like animal weighing, peak weight reading hold and check weighing function and many other sources. Its indication is stability and low battery. Its main function is counting function. It is easy to read and it encloses the appropriate counting measures. 

Friday, 15 April 2011

Counting Scales

Counting scales are also a kind of weighing scale produced to measure the capacity of the objects or to counts the objects in numbers. Counting scales will count the number of samples kept on the scale. This scale will determine the maximum capacity required and minimum average piece weight countable. It varies in its price capacity and performance. The counting scale provides the detailed measure of the objects kept on the scale. Counting scales are offered in different sizes and it in different prices. The main purpose of the production of counting scale is to measure the object accurately. The counting scales purchased must be checked whether it gives correct accuracy.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Weight scales for industries:

Weight scales find many industrial purposes. These can be used for shipping warehouse general weighing, quality control and audit. A weighing scale can be used to measure all sorts of objects. These scales are sensitive enough to accurately calculate the weight of an object as light as a feather to something that is as heavy as a tractor. The gravitational force that affects the balance cancels out the action of the mass.

In ancient times, the scale in its original form consists of a beam with a fulcrum in the middle. The beam will have two hanging containers at each end. The weight of the object that is to be measured is put at one end and the weight of a certain reference is put on the other. The reference weight is something pre determined. If the two weights are equal, the scales will hang at an equal level. If they are unequal, the scales would be hanging in an uneven plane with the heavier weight pulling downwards. If the reference weight is being pulled downwards, this means that the weight of the object is lighter than the reference weight. A lighter load on the reference side should be put up to measure the weight of the object accurately. If the load is heavier then more weights should be added on the reference side to measure accurately the weight of the object. This method of addition or removal of weight was followed with the scales it the weight on both sides were even.

This method however, is obsolete for industrial purposes. However, the concept is still used to accurately measure the weight of objects. For a large load, the object will be carried on a cantilever beam. The proportional force of the object is measured on the nose iron bearing. This will in turn transmit the force by pulling on a still yard rod to a convinced sized beam. This way the load is calculated on a cantilever beam.

A spring weight scale is often used to measure the weight of objects. This weight scale can be used to measure forces that are passing through it in any direction. The spring scale will measure the force in Newton’s. Depending upon the location at which they are used, the spring scales can be calibrated for that specific use. The unit of measurement can be in kilograms or pounds.

For very high capacity load, a crane scale is used that will use hydraulic fluid to sense weight. The force of the object will be applied to hydraulic fluid lines. These hydraulic fluid lines will transmit the forces to dials which will indicate the weight. Therefore different types of weight scales are used depending upon the different industrial application.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Spring scales

Spring scales is a weighing scales which is used to measure the force in units. Spring scale measures the displacement of the spring with variety of mechanism. The spring scale gives the accurate measurements in kilograms or pounds. Using the variety of mechanism it produces the accurate measure through the gravitational force. The spring scales can be used for variety of application to obtain the accurate measure. 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Bench Scales

Bench scales are platform scales designed to provide best measurement during shock and static overload protection. It is weighing scale designed to provide protection by absorbing the spring. Bench scales comes under different models like Quad scale, A & D model FG scale, A & D model HV-G and HW-G and GSE Floating Beam scale.

The DXL series provides best possibility in shock and static overhead protection. The DXL series absorbs springs to protect the load cell, when excessive weight placed on the scale. Its application is for general purpose and it can be used for most types of the indicators. The A & D model FG scale is a compact, lightweight and battery operated scale. Its application is for general weighing uses such as shipping, check weighing and for many other process. Its capacity is from 60 lb x .02 up to 400 lb x .1.

The A & D model HV-G is a triple range scale that changes the capacity and resolution, while HW-G is a high resolution scale for better accuracy. The Capacities range from 10 lbs up to 1,000 lbs, Platforms range from 9" x 9" up to 30" x 30". Its applications is for general weighing uses such as shipping, check weighing, filling, food processing and carrying it in the field for testing materials.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Crane Scales

Crane scales are designed specially to measure the durability and the safety standards with correct accuracy. Crane scales are available in different capacities. The GSE overhead weighing equipment is designed specially for heavy duty applications. Crane scales come under different models like Model 8000 and Model 8100 tension link. Both the models have low battery indicator and with an automatic power off tool.

Model 8100 tension link is designed to test tension cables. Model 8100 is the perfect choice for Force, Tension, Load and traction control, measuring Cable tension and printer with electronics integration in the load cell. The model 8000 is used to measure the accurate durability and their standards. This Model has safety factor and handle up to a 150% overload capacity.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Floor Scales

Floor scales are used to weigh the containers which carry through freight in jet aircrafts. The main purpose of the floor scale is measure the weight of the containers. Floor scale comes is different types, size, working heights and capacities. Floor scale has a huge variety of ranges of scales. The floor scale can be used to measure any of the platforms of the container or vessel. Floor scale are manufactured in many types are some are GSE Gatordeck, GSE Proweigh, GSE Provex drumming, and Flexweigh Flexure bases scales.

The GSE Gatordeck floor scale will reduce the stress applied to the load cell and will increase the accuracy. It is available in 3' x 3' - 5' x 5' platforms and up to 10,000 lbs capacity. The GSE Proweigh floor scale is a Unitized Bridge Structure with full bottom plated specifically designed to weigh large heavy loads. It is available in 2' x 2' to 10' x 10' and up to 20,000 lb capacities, carbon or stainless steel models. Upon request of the customer its custom size and capacities is produced.

GSE Provex drumming floor scale is a super low profile scale, which is specially designed for easy roll-on with carts, drums and dollies. Its Platform height is only 1.25" above the floor and it is available in 30" x 30" and 36" x 36" platforms 2,000 lb capacity. The Flexweigh Flexure bases floor scales is a unique flexure lever system which is specially designed to handle abusive conditions such as shock loading, end loading, corner loading and extreme motion. The Platform sizes are available from 24" x 24" to 8' x 10' and with a capacity of 500 lbs to 30,000 lbs with 5 year warranty.

Floor scales designed are N.T.E.P. certified and it is Legal for Trade. The application of this floor scales are low profile, general and also for extreme weighing. Floor scales can be used with digital indicators and counting scales. Therefore, floor scale measures the capacity of the containers with appropriate accuracy. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dominant Role of Industrial Weighing Scales

Industries all over the world find the need for accuracy in weighing the quantity of the things that they use. So, weighing scales play a dominant role in the industry. There are a variety of scales used in the industry depending on the type of industry and the applications that it is used for. The main thing that has to be noted is that the weighing scale is obtained from a trusted company that provides the best quality equipment which is legally certified for use in that particular industry.

Some of the scales that are used in industries are bench scales, platform scales, cylinder scales, crane scales, laboratory scales and drum scales. The parts counting scale is also used. Each scale has a specific function in the industry. The reading can be seen in the digital indicator. All these are electronic scales and are the latest in technology. Precision weighing is necessary in industries and hence care should be taken to get the best and the most apt weighing scale for that particular work.

The main thing to be taken into account in industrial scales is that the equipment should be accurate in weighing, the capacity should be right and the resolution should be perfect. The next important thing is the interface, which helps the user to see the measurement indicated to them on the indicator. This helps them to get the exact information that they are looking for.

All the electronic scales that are used by the industry generally have a platform on which the product can be kept for measuring. The bench scale and parts counting scale will generally be small and can be kept on a table or a platform. Platform scales and drum scales have a large capacity and used in large industries for measuring industrial products and by products. Floor scales can handle loads of about 2500 lbs. to 30,000 lbs. These floor scales also have a large platform. Their measurement is generally 3'by 3' up to 8' by 12'.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Introduction of Counting Scales

In our day to day life we need to measure things. These may start from the grocery that we buy to the weight of trains and trucks. So this equipment is very necessary to weigh everything that we use and need to know the weight of. It is an essential part of all business establishments, but is also being used in homes. The customers are also aware of the necessity to know the weight of the product that they are buying.

In the earlier times, before the counting scales were used, the weight was approximately measured and sold to the customer. Later, some scales were manufactured, but did not measure the objects placed on them accurately. This did not satisfy the seller or the buyer. Then we had the balance. This had two pans on either side of a balance. The weights were placed on one side and the thing to be weighed was placed on the other. This gave the measurement of the object placed on it for weighing. Now with the advent of a variety of scales, weighing and counting the objects has become very accurate. There are many manufacturers who specialize in different types of scales and cater to the individual client's needs.

Weighing scales are available in various sizes, shapes, capacity and prices, catering to the customer's specific needs. There are many types of weighing equipments such as the floor scales, the bench scale, the platform scale, the digital scale, the electronic scale, the rail scale and the all purpose scale etc. Each has its own purpose.

The counting scales help in measuring any product and giving us the count information for the same. In this way they play a special role. It is essential that these scales are accurate in the numbers that they show. The scale has a maximum capacity that a remote scale module and also the average piece weight look up. The equipment has a rechargeable battery. There is also a ‘low battery’ indicator. It is mainly used to measure an object or count the objects placed on it for weighing.

Know the right weight

Many of us, have a superficial idea about weighing scales and we come across weighing machines in our day to day life be it in a shop or anywhere. So it is needed in our daily routine, everything from foods items to knowing your body weight all depends on weighing scales. What is about weighing scales? It is a device used for measuring the weight of an object.

 There are different types of weighing scales such as balance scales, spring scales and hydraulic scales. Balance scales are a simple weighing device which has two platforms of equal weight attached to a single bar. It is considered the oldest method for weighing as it backs to early settlements of human civilization.

Spring scales is a device in which spring is used to determine the weight of an objects. Usually in this type, a weighing object is hooked up to a spring and the tension of the spring determines the weight of the object. Hydraulic weighing scale is more effective than balance scale and spring scale and a advanced weighing scale. This method uses the hydraulic force to weigh an object and the technique used for this is through liquid placement for calculating the weight of an object.

Each of these weighing scales has their advantages and disadvantages. Balance scales are simple and are not very costly but need to swing weight from a single bar limits the upward end of mass balance scales measure. The same way spring scales are inexpensive but the spring tension becomes weak over time and so it needs to be replaced or repaired often. Hydraulic scales are quite expensive but can give you accurate weight and mostly used for industrial purpose as it is accurate. Nowadays, many prefer hydraulic scales for balance scales or spring scales due to its efficiency.

The uses of weighing scales

• Determining the exact weight of the object is very much needed as it involves your business profit or loss. Not only that, in business it very important to gain customer satisfaction, if the customer is unhappy and feels being cheated due to weight. Then it might reflect on your business growth.
• In industries, weighing scales helps in identifying the amount of work done by the employees per day or a week. So, it determines the employees input and their efficiency towards work.
• In pharmaceutical companies, weighing scales play a vital role as the Chemists often use chemical equations that involve precise amounts of substances and getting desired concentration of solutions. If this is not weighed properly, it might lead to serious health issues and jeopardize the company.
• Knowing the right body weight and keeping in check of the weight is very important. Periodic checking of one’s body weight, determines the health of one person.

So, weighing scales play an important role in our lives and it is even more important to opt for the right weighing machines. It is necessary to check the weighing device before and also should approach the right company for buying weighing scales as it determines your business growth.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Evolution of Bench Scales

Weighing scales are essential equipments needed in almost every part of the business world. Weighing scales are designed and produced as per the requirement and needs of the business houses and trading community. Weighing scales help to measure the object placed on the scale accurately. Different types of scales are produced to meet the wide range of applications.

Weighing scales like floor scales, platform scales, digital scales, counting scales, indicator scales, bench scales, and many other kinds of weighing scales are sold in the market for meeting different applications. If the scale is a quality scale, then the measurement derived will be accurate and scales produce the weights in grams, ounces and pounds.

Among the many widely used weighing machines, bench scales are special kinds of weighing equipments meant to serve special needs. They are platforms produced with advanced technology carrying many innovated features to provide static overload protection. These scales are also referred as platform scales which protects the load cell by absorbing the springs. Care is taken to ensure that accurate measurements are possible and it eminently suits the requirements of all business houses and customers around the world.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Dominant role of counting scale

Weighing scale plays a dominant role in the business world. There are several industries where weighing scalesweighing scales are critically important and there entire operations might come to a standstill if weighing machines are taken away. To know the exact measurement or counts of the objects placed on the scale, the weighing scales are designed and produced by a large number of manufacturers. Weighing scales comes in different models, sizes, prices and capacity.

Weighing equipments comes in different kinds and some of the kinds are floor, platform, bench, digital, electronic, peripheral, all purpose, rail and even more. As electronics are doing wonders in today's world, weighing scales are available with a host of user-friendly features. Tools and buttons like automatic off, counting buttons, automatic loading batteries, and battery indicator are some of these facilities.

Amidst a variety of weighing scales, counting scalescounting scales are special scales meant for converting weight information in to number information. Many manufactures produces different kinds of counting scales which comes up with perfect accuracy and numbering.

This Counting Scales produce exact measurement for the object either with or without load. This scale is used to suit wide applications of numbering of different products. It comes in different models, sizes, capacities and prices to facilitate the customers of all kinds whether business people or general customers. Counting instruments are designed and produced as per the requirement of the clients who use them. Remote scale module, average piece weight display are the key features and they come up with rechargeable battery and low battery indicator.