Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Importance of Counting Weighing Scales

Counting Weighing Scales are versatile scales used for counting and weighing applications in industrial and commercial uses. Counting Weighing Scales are available in many different varieties, models, sizes, capacities and prices as per customer’s needs.

Floor scales are weighing scales that can be installed on the floor to measure weights of objects. Floor scales can be set up on floors with or without ramps. There are different types of floor scales that can be used for weighing application in homes and businesses.

Truck scales are weighing scales that can be mounted permanently on a concrete foundation. They are used to weigh vehicles and their contents. Truck scales can be surface mounted or pit mounted.

Platform scales are weighing scales suitable for applications where heavy duty durability is necessary. Platform scales with base structure made of heavy duty materials can withstand rough handling over long period of time.

Bench weighing scales are inexpensive, reliable and easy-to-use scales that can be used for general weighing and simple counting applications. Bench weighing scales are used for both industrial and commercial applications. The different types of Bench Weighing Scales are Heavy Duty Bench Scales, Warehouse Bench Scales, Food Preparation Scales and Top Pan weighing Scales.

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