Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Key Points to look at when buying Weighing Scales Online

Weighing machine , as all of us are aware, is used widely for weighing and indicating mass or weight of an object. The manual ones are less effective as compared to the present day digital and automatic versions. The weighing scales are broadly classified based on styles, sizes, prices and capacities .Some of the common varieties of scales in the market are floor scales, bench scale, platform scale, digital scale, pocket scales. There are quite a few key points one has to be aware of when buying weighing scales online.

You need to know what maximum weight you will weigh at any given point in time. Assuming you have to maximum weigh a baggage of articles of 500 kg and the bag weighs 20 kg, you will have to necessarily opt for scales that will more than 500 kg. In such circumstances, it is preferable to select the next higher weighing capacity machine.

Next in importance is to know the incremental weights you would require - it could be 10g/1g/1mg or whatever depending on your type of goods. It is worthwhile to know that usually increment on most scales is set at 3,000 divisions. That is to say, any scale capacity is divided up into 3000 parts, therefore the increment size is normally a direct correlation with the capacity.

It is common knowledge that scales come in different sizes. The capacity of the scale is what determines the size of the weighing scales. Of course, there are scales that feature a larger weighing area but with low weighing capacities. For a scale that weighs up to 150Kg the size would normally be upwards of 550mm x 550mm. The size of the scale that you should opt is directly related to the type of goods you will weigh, as some goods may occupy large space but weigh little.

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