Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Platform Scales Types and Its Various Applications

Digital Platform Scale:
  • Industrial strength stainless steel Platform Scales
  • Can be used without being plugged-in because of the rechargeable battery inside
  • Can be easily stored as the stainless steel pole unscrew
  • The Stainless Steel Platform can detached.
  • It is easily programmed
  • Most Importantly the Scales Comes pre-calibrated.

 Electronic Platform Scales:
  • Low cost for many applications
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface
  • IP68 class waterproof and dustproof
  • Stainless steel platform scales
  • 150% overload protection
  • Four threaded adjustable foot pads
Mechanical Platform Scales:
  • Cost effective
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Optimum load bearing capacity
  • mechanical platform scales and are widely used by fruit vendors, vegetable vendors, grocery shops, wholesalers and more.
  • Hard wearing finish, tough cast iron constructions

Friday, 14 March 2014

Things to Think About When Buying Floor Scales

Floor Scales might be a great investment for your company, if you choose wisely. They know how to be a great and necessary asset to many businesses. As the name suggest, the Floor Scales consist of a large floor onto which large and heavy items can be located and weighed, as opposed to the more usual boxes on conventional scales into which items are placed. A floor scale is therefore a necessary investment for companies that need to gain accurate weight readings of large and/or heavy items.

As the floor is close to the floor, this type of scale is also commonly used for weighing pallets, boxes and even livestock, meaning that they are a common feature in many industries. As they work well for measuring living wage creatures as well as inanimate things, they're also a general fixture in doctors' and vets' offices. The different materials that are use to make floor scales are worth thinking about carefully before purchasing, as you want something that will work well even after repeated exposure to whatever items you plan to be weighing. You might need a sturdy, non-corrosive and water-resistant product, or a more lightweight option that allows for easy transportability.

Also keep in mind how easy different equipment will be to clean. There are so many options when it comes to selecting floor scales that there's sure to be one that's right for you and your company's needs - but it pays to have your requirements firmly in your mind before you start shopping around!. One possible peril of using a floor scale that is too big for your needs is that you will be placing items to the side of the floor rather than directly in the middle, as this is easiest, and this can lead to less accurate readings, or even damage the structural integrity of the floor scales.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Advanced Counting Scales and its Industrial Features

Simple and easy to use for counting, totalizing as well as check weighing the advanced counting solution has it all in one device. The graphical LCD display offers a color Weight mode to avoid mistakes while check weighing and check accurate counting use Counting Scales. Configurable soft keys for fast access to key functions such as sample for counting offer simple and fast operation.
A second digital or analog scale boundary, which is available as an option, can be used to connect a second weighing platform in order to generate a cost-effective two-scale counting system. The numeric keypad supports the simple direct input and storage of tare standards, item weights, IDs, target values and database records. A big variety of interfaces offers a great integration in your system.

The scales feature different applications used in the manufacturing industries:
  • Simple weighing
  • Counting
  • Totalizing
  • Check weighing
  • Portioning, filling

Friday, 24 January 2014

Features Of Floor Weighing Scales

Floor Scales are weighing devices designed for operating on your standard or depot floor when weighing items like a barrel or a stack of boxes on s pallet. Floor scales are planned for general industrial weighing applications such as transport and receiving, bulk loading, and counting. They are designed to handle abusive operations such as fright, end, or place loading. In addition to our own low outline portable floor scales, we supply pallet floor scales, lift deck scales and floor scales from Fairbanks, Rice Lake and A & D.

Features :                           
  • Plug and Weigh Set Up
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Heavy Duty Diamond Tread Plate
  • Two Part Epoxy Paint Finish
  • Four NTEP Approved Alloy Steel Load Cells
  • Top Access Foot Adjustment
  • Four Ball and Cup Support Feet for Scale Leveling
  • 20' Long Armored Interface Cable with Quick Connect
  • Top Access Junction Box

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Bench Scales-Industrial Purposes

For normal household use, scales do not have to be as sturdy. The normal kitchen scale does not have to endure a lot of extreme wear and tear. However, the normal kitchen or bathroom scale is not planned to hold much weight. Because of their light weight, the objects that are places on a normal kitchen or bathroom scale will probably not cause much damage to the scale. However, this does become more of a problem to consider in industries, such as manufacturing, technology, and cultivation.

Users from different fields industries have varying needs for an industrial bench scale. In some industries a standard industrial level of correctness might be good sufficient. For these situations, a easy industrial bench scale, without many features may be sufficient. In other situations and industries, accuracy and precision may play a much better part. For those situations, there are industrial bench scales that provide many more features. So, industries that do not require these features will probably choose the scales without those features. However, for the industries that do need these extra features, they are available. A wide variety of features ensures that users from every industry can find the industrial bench scale that fits their needs.

Friday, 20 December 2013

How to Choose a Bench Scale Efficiently

Quite a few industries out there are highly reliant on the bench scales for their weighing purposes, kept on a bench; the object is placed on it for weighing. Having a platform on which the item is positioned, the weight of the object is measured by the weigh indicator.   Made from stainless steel they are available in other sets and are used mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Available in an extensive range of size, capacity and finish to suit your working environment. Retail bench scales are ideal for general industrial use. Following are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration while getting a bench scale for your purpose.

•    Bench size
•    Bench capacity
•    Accuracy
•    Durability

Bench scales are one of the most generally used weighing scales in the business community. The vital part is that as per the requirements of the user it can also be custom designed by some of the expert manufacturers. These scales are available with user friendly interface fitted with over and under check weighing tool, Auto shutoff and Flexible print formats these days. While getting one for your business purpose, ensure that you are not compromising quality.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Counting Scales and Industrial Applications

Used for counting small objects like coins, screws, nut bolts etc; Counting scales are a blessing to several industries. Helping you count higher volume of identical parts efficiently and accurately they save time to a great extent. Be it incoming or outgoing produce, these scales can help you count exactly the number of parts you require. How does it calculate? The number of parts in a sample is determined by weighing the sample and then it is divided by the weight of each part.

Counting thousand of small objects by hand is an error prone process, with that said; it is too boring and time-consuming in addition. The best part about selecting the best scale for your purpose is that it scales up the level of productivity thereby reducing labor costs and of course it eliminates errors. Used for a host of counting applications these scales are used to count:

•    electronic coils
•    screws
•    seeds
•    washers and much more

Its industrial applications include:

•    Pharmaceutical - for counting tablets and capsules.
•    Plastics – for counting plastic extruded parts.
•    Fastener Industry - washers, nuts, bolts and other small machined parts are counted
•    Electronic components
•    Automotive parts

When you want the best scale, you can go online and purchase it, there are several online stores selling quality and durable counting scales. Perry scale is one of the leading retailer selling weighing scales at an affordable rate.