Thursday, 14 April 2011

Weight scales for industries:

Weight scales find many industrial purposes. These can be used for shipping warehouse general weighing, quality control and audit. A weighing scale can be used to measure all sorts of objects. These scales are sensitive enough to accurately calculate the weight of an object as light as a feather to something that is as heavy as a tractor. The gravitational force that affects the balance cancels out the action of the mass.

In ancient times, the scale in its original form consists of a beam with a fulcrum in the middle. The beam will have two hanging containers at each end. The weight of the object that is to be measured is put at one end and the weight of a certain reference is put on the other. The reference weight is something pre determined. If the two weights are equal, the scales will hang at an equal level. If they are unequal, the scales would be hanging in an uneven plane with the heavier weight pulling downwards. If the reference weight is being pulled downwards, this means that the weight of the object is lighter than the reference weight. A lighter load on the reference side should be put up to measure the weight of the object accurately. If the load is heavier then more weights should be added on the reference side to measure accurately the weight of the object. This method of addition or removal of weight was followed with the scales it the weight on both sides were even.

This method however, is obsolete for industrial purposes. However, the concept is still used to accurately measure the weight of objects. For a large load, the object will be carried on a cantilever beam. The proportional force of the object is measured on the nose iron bearing. This will in turn transmit the force by pulling on a still yard rod to a convinced sized beam. This way the load is calculated on a cantilever beam.

A spring weight scale is often used to measure the weight of objects. This weight scale can be used to measure forces that are passing through it in any direction. The spring scale will measure the force in Newton’s. Depending upon the location at which they are used, the spring scales can be calibrated for that specific use. The unit of measurement can be in kilograms or pounds.

For very high capacity load, a crane scale is used that will use hydraulic fluid to sense weight. The force of the object will be applied to hydraulic fluid lines. These hydraulic fluid lines will transmit the forces to dials which will indicate the weight. Therefore different types of weight scales are used depending upon the different industrial application.

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