Monday, 11 April 2011

Bench Scales

Bench scales are platform scales designed to provide best measurement during shock and static overload protection. It is weighing scale designed to provide protection by absorbing the spring. Bench scales comes under different models like Quad scale, A & D model FG scale, A & D model HV-G and HW-G and GSE Floating Beam scale.

The DXL series provides best possibility in shock and static overhead protection. The DXL series absorbs springs to protect the load cell, when excessive weight placed on the scale. Its application is for general purpose and it can be used for most types of the indicators. The A & D model FG scale is a compact, lightweight and battery operated scale. Its application is for general weighing uses such as shipping, check weighing and for many other process. Its capacity is from 60 lb x .02 up to 400 lb x .1.

The A & D model HV-G is a triple range scale that changes the capacity and resolution, while HW-G is a high resolution scale for better accuracy. The Capacities range from 10 lbs up to 1,000 lbs, Platforms range from 9" x 9" up to 30" x 30". Its applications is for general weighing uses such as shipping, check weighing, filling, food processing and carrying it in the field for testing materials.

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