Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ticket-Tape-Label Printers

Printers the most demandable and required product among the world market. Printers become the necessary one and every one started using printers for their uses. Printers come up with wide opportunity and it can be used to create any kind of labels for the particular needs, based on weights, piece counts, part number, and description of part numbers, time, date and barcodes. Printers come up in different models, capacities, prices and sizes as per the requirements of the customer.

Epson Tm-590 Ticket Printer

TM-590 ticket printer provides high volume, high speed, and multi part with up to 88 columns in the width ticket printing. TM-590 model suits for applications like truck, rail, floor, bench scales and other general weighing uses. TM-590 model is impact resistant with slave capacity functionality and printing information.

Tm-295 Ticket Printer

Tm-295 model has the applications of general weighing uses like truck, rail, bench scale, when there is a need to print tickets. Tm-295 model is for medium to high volume, high speed and multi part ticket printing.

Tm-U200 Tape Printer

Tm-U200 tape printer includes applications like general weighing uses where you need to print weights without inserting scale ticket. Tm-U200 tape printer is designed to have high speed and with drop in paper set & auto paper loading.

LP-2824 Direct Thermal Label Printer

LP-2824 offers high speed to the users with 203 dpi per second, open access deign for loading labels and windows drivers. It has applications like bar codes, part number, and description on 2” label and with general weighing uses. LP-2824 is able to program to create custom labels for any kind of needs.

Lp-2844 Direct Thermal Label Printer

LP-2844 offers high speed, 203 dpi per second to users as similar to the LP-2824 model. Like LP-2824 model, LP-2844 has the same applications except with the description of 4” label. LP-2844 is able to program to create custom labels for any kind of needs.

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