Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Intelligent weighing bench scale UFM Series

The New UFM-L bench scale against extreme plenty and surprise used to absorb shock.It will hold up against severe commercial function Space-saving, simple to fill and get rid of. Easy to see weight principles from a distance, decreases mistakes.Flexibility of function Mobility. Battery power function lowest 120 hours
Allows you to add together successive plenty to reach a total,ensures that you always start with a weight of at zero saves battery power.Alerts you to charge battery,saving recovery time and guarantees accuracy
Enables you to feedback different G speeding factors.
UFM-L Bench Scales
Scale continues to be level for precise results on irregular working areas anti-slip enables creature with a weight of or can make up for severe ecological conditions.Enables you to neglect the first item placed on the foundation protects signal from damage and dust.

Features of UFM-L Bench Scale:
Excess and surprise security mechanism with heavy responsibility strong construction low profile, lightweight size large LCD show with extensive watching angle.The Display flows in the scales in lb and kg built-in standard battery energy or exterior power adapter with accumulation function of Zero tracking,Automatic energy saver low battery energy signal cost position indicator.Auto calibration function Gravitational modification software and adjustable legs and soul level with digital movement filtering optional automated tare in use protect.

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