Wednesday, 20 February 2013

High resolution Quartzell Digital Transducers 3600 Series

The high quality Quartzell electronic digital transducers 3600 Series Floor and Bench Scales generate pure electronic digital outcome with a standard quality resolution of 10,000d with an optional battery function.

Quartzell Digital Transducers

Features and Benefits:
  • Quartzell transducers – High quality, digital outcome from a strong fill mobile framework.
  • RS-232 standard outcome – Hyperlinks to photo printers, reveal techniques, computer systems, process control systems.
  • Stainless metal wrapp – Avoids damage; preserves its good looks for years.
  • DuraBridge construction – On large potential 18 x 18-inch patios. Outdoor patio de_ ection is less than 1/2-inch. Reduces o_ -center running mistake.
  • Wall-mounted segment – Move the range signal to distant location. This option includes six feet of interface wire.
  • Ball-top wrapp – For machine systems, speed handling, cut lifting to a minimum.
  • Remote post display – Choice of 9-inch or 18-inch editions with 6-foot wire.
  • Battery function kit – Twenty-four hours of ongoing function. Internal battery charger lets you charge power supply again while the range is being used. Up to 500 discharge/recharge periods.
  • Remote battery charger – Charges two battery power at once.
  • Power Supply - 230 VAC operation
  • Draft Shield – 10 lb version

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