Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Some Functions of Weighing Scales

A weighing scale or a weighing machine is one of the most necessary equipments we use in our daily lives. Be it in our bathroom to keep a test on our weight, to measure ingredients before baking a cake, or in huge industries although handling huge assignments, weighing scales are something that are very basic and we cannot do without them.

It has so many applications. The weighing scales are something that has been used for a very long time and the initial way to use it was to balance it using a strong string. There are a large number of scales available including Batch Controllers, Check Weighing Scales, Axle Scales and Wheel Scales for extremely minute and accurate weighing and different technologies used in each of them. As the time passed and new mechanisms and technologies came up, weighing machines also evolved with the changing needs and better assignments.

Another technology that is quite frequently used in these scales is the electromagnetic force compensation. In this process a counter force is formed by the use of a permanent magnet and a current-carrying coil. It is the same mechanism that is used in weighing pan and the middle core which is bordered by the magnet. The change in the coil current is responsible for the derivation of the mass. These weighing scales are the most precise scales and are used in high-resolution assignments. Thus, they must not be exposed to high temperature and other extreme weather environment.

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