Friday, 28 December 2012

Axle weighing System and Weighing Scales

Axle weighing system is based on the knowledge which is used for weighing truck and requires no social work. Our axle weighing systems are extensively used for the following areas:
  • Make shift agreement for new mines
  • Assessment and cross verification at exit point
  • Traffic managing
  • Weighing of local transportation
Weigh in Motion system is essential for new mines and to all the siding to weigh 100% weighment. It enhances the coal production and security. The axle weigher software or the weigh in motion software is based on the objective to facilitate safe, efficient and abuse-free procedure. In axle weighing systems digital Counting Scales have also many good roles. As the axle is passing over the weigh pad, one-by-one, the consecutive number of measure axle will be displaying on the processor screen. When excess weight is detected, the computer emits an alarm sound to alert the worker.

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