Friday, 9 December 2011

New Digital Platform Scale perform many Functions

Platform Scale

A newly released family of Kern IKT digital touch screen platform scales now accessible from Tovatech performs multiple measure and weighing functions in a single package. This versatile tool allows companies to decrease their scale “inventory” and associated maintenance costs by consolidating diverse measuring and weighing functions beginning recipe to animal weighing on a single unit. Fully 9 operating modes are accommodated.

Ease of use is another feature of the IKT digital platform scales, all ready with stainless steel truck scales, one of which can be used for suspending weighing. Maximum weighing capacity range beginning 3,100 to 151,000 grams. An intuitive backlit LCD digital touch screen measures 5.8 inches on the diagonal to clearly show the function being performed.

A large keypad for easy input of text and values, also display the operator’s name.A clear menu arrangement with keys labeled in bench scales plain text.Visual and audible sign check weighing.Memories for each mode such as make sure weighing scales, pre-tare, reference weight, target weight, etc.

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