Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lift truck scales move up productivity

Truck Scales

Serving the automotive industry for almost 50 years, Quality Metalcraft in Livonia, Mich., is a leading automotive production facility. The company delivers quick turnaround on high-quality mechanism ranging from small brackets and simple fabrications to huge body-in-white components and assemblies.

Each process begins with a flat laser blank, which arrive at its manufacturing flair with an identification tag that is scanned upon arrival. To confirm material costs, each metallic module is weighed twice: once as it arrives and once after it’s been processed. Forklift operators were to come in line for the truck scales and transactions be documented by hand, which was proving time-consuming and inaccurate.

“This process consumed an enormous amount of extra time; plus, we couldn’t identify at which stage a work order was during processing. We also exposed our floor scales had been inaccurate on some occasions, as much as 10% of the time,” says Ron Hassen, plant manager. Managers implement a forklift scale system that provides legal-for-trade weighing of loads up to 10,000 pounds and use electronic weight sensors for reliable, repeatable weighing. Its built-in system allows operators to precisely weigh materials in motion, which means no more waiting in line. And, the fork-mounted scales trait no flexures, hydraulics or springs allow it to withstand frequent jolts and still deliver exact results.

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