Thursday, 14 November 2013

Counting Scales and Industrial Applications

Used for counting small objects like coins, screws, nut bolts etc; Counting scales are a blessing to several industries. Helping you count higher volume of identical parts efficiently and accurately they save time to a great extent. Be it incoming or outgoing produce, these scales can help you count exactly the number of parts you require. How does it calculate? The number of parts in a sample is determined by weighing the sample and then it is divided by the weight of each part.

Counting thousand of small objects by hand is an error prone process, with that said; it is too boring and time-consuming in addition. The best part about selecting the best scale for your purpose is that it scales up the level of productivity thereby reducing labor costs and of course it eliminates errors. Used for a host of counting applications these scales are used to count:

•    electronic coils
•    screws
•    seeds
•    washers and much more

Its industrial applications include:

•    Pharmaceutical - for counting tablets and capsules.
•    Plastics – for counting plastic extruded parts.
•    Fastener Industry - washers, nuts, bolts and other small machined parts are counted
•    Electronic components
•    Automotive parts

When you want the best scale, you can go online and purchase it, there are several online stores selling quality and durable counting scales. Perry scale is one of the leading retailer selling weighing scales at an affordable rate.

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