Saturday, 3 November 2012

HV-WP Weighing Scales and its features

HV-WP Series
  • The HV-WP series is a platform scale with 1/3000 resolution, and has a triple weighing range functions to select the weighing range.
  • These scales are designed to comply with IP-65 of IEC 529
  • The HW-WP series is a platform scale with 1/10000 resolution.
  • The scales have a fluorescent display so the weighing value can be read in dim light.
  • This type uses the AC power line as a power source.
  • The counting mode function converts the total mass value (total weight) of articles to be counted, to a count, when each of these articles assume the same mass value.
  • The scales can display the unit of percentage.
  • The accumulation function accumulates each Weighing scales value and counts the number of weighing using six figures.
  • The comparator function compares the display value with the upper limit value (HI),lower limit value (LO) and displays the result. The result can be output if option OP-03 is installed.
  • The simple batch function or full/dribble batch function can be used for filling up to a target mass value. The status of a weighing value can be output if option OP-03 or OP-04 is installed. The outputs are zero band, preliminary and Final.
  • Using the optional RS-422/RS-485 serial interface and a computer, up to 16 scales can be controlled, if this option is installed in place of the RS-232C serial interface.

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