Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Progression of Bench Scales

Weighing scales are necessary equipments needed in almost every part of the business world. Weighing scales are intended and produced as per the condition and needs of the business houses and trading community. Weighing scales help to measure the object placed on the scale precisely. Different types of scales are produced to meet the broad range of applications.

Weighing scales like floor scales, platform scales, digital scales, counting scales, indicator scales, bench scales, and many other kinds of weighing scales are sold in the advertise for meeting different applications. If the scale is a quality scale, then the measurement resultant will be accurate and scales produce the weights in grams, ounces and pounds.

Among the many broadly used weighing machines, bench scales are extraordinary kinds of weighing equipments meant to serve special needs. They are platforms shaped with advanced technology carrying many innovated features to provide motionless overload protection. These scales are also referred as platform scales which protects the load cell by fascinating the springs. Care is taken to ensure that accurate measurements are probable and it eminently suits the requirements of all business houses and customers around the world.

These scales feature a pattern where the platform is separated from the weighing indicator via a long cord 5 feet or more in length. The weighing capacities range from 6 lb to 2000 lbs. Most models feature a stainless steel platform and best suitable for trade as they are perfect for weighing goods sold by weight. The other normal features of bench scales are stainless steel platform, a/c adapter, battery operated, on/off button, comparator function and stock absorbing springs.

Different models of varying capacities and sizes planned for all types of applications are available. Bench platforms ranges are - quad spring, A & D model FG series, A & D model HV-G - HW-G series, titan stainless steel series, and GSE model 4400, GSE floating beam equipments. These scales suit most of the weighing applications such as heavy wash down, shipping, check weighing, caustic condition, filling, food processing etc.

Bench scales are one of the most frequently used weighing scales by the business community. As per the requirements of the user, Bench scales are custom designed and constructed depending on user requirements. There is an wide range of bench scales to cater to all different types of applications. There are various models available in the market casing a range to weigh as low as 150g to as high as 300kg capacity. Bench scales are designed for use on the bench and come in two main forms either as a single unit or separable unit. Bench scales are used for a assortment of applications, such as parcel weighing, parts counting, portion control and many others.

Lately, bench scales also come with user friendly interface built-in with over and under check weighing tool, auto shutoff and flexible print formats. Bench scale also measures the weight of the thing with different weighing tools and indicators. Bench scales are usually constructed with stainless steel platforms with large LED or LCD display.

There are General Purpose Bench Scales obtainable in maximum capacities from 100 to 1000 lbs. with base sizes 18 inches x 18 inches to 24 inches x 24 inches These bench scales are flexible to a range of industrial weighing tasks.

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