Friday, 20 May 2011

Weighing bridges and its purposes

Truck scales are the general term used in US and this scale is generally the huge scales which are used for weighing the truck load and are embedded on a solid foundation. So how it weighs the loaded item exactly? The truck will be weighed before and after loading and this difference gives the exact weight of the load. Load cells are the main component used in truck scales to measure the weight.

There are two part platforms available for this scale on which the trucks will be driven. The upper part of it is secondary equipment and its main purpose is to level the load in the truck and not a scale. The main scale usually uses electronic measuring equipment.

The design of these scales varies according to the need. Some truck scale looks like weighing equipment beneath the platform. In some cases, it can be pit mounted with this equipment and the weighing surface will be in level with the road.

These are tremendously strong and are basically made out of steel or concrete. Previously the truck scales had levers and it was mounted over the rectangular pit which will hold lever that eventually connect to the balance system, but organizing these levers were quite a complicated in the previous one. Recent designs consist of multiple load cells which in turn are attached to an electronic instrument to sum up the total sensor inputs.

Modern types that are available now have good features in which scales are connected to personal computers with the help of truck scale software and they enable printing of tickets along with reporting facility.

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